is a Japanese term to refer to
the formation of emotional
connection between people
within the community
M E E T   T H E   A R T I S T
Fritzie is the digital creator behind  F U R E A I
A versatile artist armed with a keen eye for aesthetics
and a knack for engaging storytelling. Her works
aims to build a connection between her creations
and the communities they serve.

Fritzie's expertise extends to brand storytelling,
where she excels in creating narratives that
reflect a brand's identity and values. For her,
film and design serve as the bridge linking
brands to their audiences, allowing them to
forge authentic and lasting connections. 

Outside of work, she is an ardent art enthusiast
with a love for the analog and the imperfect.
She constantly seeks inspiration from various
sources like art exhibitions, films, travel to culture.
This passion for creativity infuses every aspect of
her life, allowing her to stay ahead of the curve
in the ever-changing digital landscape.
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